Comments by people who love Suzanne’s toffee!

“The best toffee I have ever tasted. So fresh and tasty it makes your mouth water for more! You can’t help but have one more piece; then you find yourself asking “Who ate all my toffee??” Oh yes, it was me.”
~ Holli Richardson

“I come from a long line of candy-lovers who are well educated about the best commercially produced chocolates. Your toffee could give ANY company a run for their money. It is so crisp, nutty and the chocolate is WONDERFUL. I have given it to many people as gifts, and they all were really pleased. I just love it!!”
~ Ann Raglin Meints

“I’m not a toffee lover, but will eat it if it’s around the house because it’s, well, candy. However, I thought yours was fantastic! It wasn’t overly sweet, there were just enough nuts, the texture was perfect, not too hard, not too soft. I also really liked the chocolate. It had a really nice taste to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I also really liked the darkness of the toffee. It made it seem rich and decadent like those candies in a really expensive shop, you know? Just the right balance of nuts, toppings, toffee and chocolate for me. Very nice.”
~ Stacy, Colorado

“Would like you to move in and make it for him weekly. HA! He actually commented that he was afraid it was going to be overly sweet (which it wasn’t) and possibly have a slight bitter taste because it was dark in color (which it didn’t). He really liked that it wasn’t hard to chew and it didn’t stick to his teeth overly long. Also not a toffee eater, he said he would probably eat it more often if it was available (yours, not a store’s). He really liked the nuts because they were ‘just the right size’. I’m not sure what that means.”
~ Alex (17), Colorado

“Other than these I have numerous Mmmmmmmmmm’s, this is really great toffee! Don’t tell my mom, but yours is even better!”
~ Recent shopper at the market

“One bad thing – I can’t quit eating this incredible toffee!”
~ Fred, Lincoln, NE

“My family had a toffee tasting one Christmas and yours won hands down. Now I test them and every year they still pick yours as the favorite, nothing seems to compare. We share the other toffee but keep yours all to ourselves.”
~ Kartsin, Lincoln, NE

I have never really eaten much toffee in my life, but after trying Sue’s delicious toffee, I’m hooked and so is my family. It has a yummy nutty taste to it and I LOVE it. I think that it would make a wonderful gift and I plan on buying some very soon.
~ Katie, Nebraska City, NE